Transfer students who plan to graduate from Arcadia College Preparatory School will be held responsible for school graduation requirements. Course work completed outside the school will be evaluated to determine whether or not credit will be awarded. To receive a diploma from Arcadia College Preparatory School, a transfer student must meet the graduation requirements and have earned fifty credits Arcadia College Preparatory School. The transfer student must also be enrolled in the school granting the diploma in the semester of graduation. Honors courses taken in another school must correlate with Arcadia College Preparatory School honors courses in order for weighted credit to be awarded.



New students entering Arcadia College Preparatory School from another school will be classified based on the number of credits they have earned from the previous school:


Grade Classifications

Credits earned when school open in fall


More than 150


More than 100 less than 150


More than 50 less than 100


Fewer than 50