Arcadia College Preparatory School is a small private prep school which offers small group learning and individual attention to students. Our personalized instruction has been advocated by many education experts as being preferable for most students, is often lacking in large public and private schools.

Arcadia College Preparatory School has always believed in the importance of quality education.  Quality education is an integral component of success, at any level.  At Arcadia College Preparatory School, we understand that in order to remain viable we must continue to examine and improve our processes and our ability to provide a level of education that meets or exceeds the expectations held by parents.  This concept becomes even more significant in an environment rich with competition and change.

Arcadia College Preparatory School understands that it is not enough to "believe" in quality.  Everything we do, from our interactions with students, to the education that we provide, to the curriculum that we choose, must reflect this belief.  Each of our processes must be an announcement of our commitment to quality, and as a result be continually evolving and improving.