California State University

Requirements (starting 2003)

(A-G Requirements)

Students must complete the following minimum requirements:

a)    College Prep English: 4 years

English that includes frequent and regular

writing and reading of classic and modern literature. Not more than two semesters of ninth–grade

English can be used to meet this requirement.

b) Mathematics: 3 years

(Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

c) History / Social Science: 2 years required

Includes one year of U.S. History and one year

of  World Studies.

*d) Lab Science: 2 years

Biology, Chemistry, Physics


e) Foreign Language: 2 years

2 years same language

f) Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year

Students must complete a year-long approved

course from a single visual and performing arts subject area (dance, music, visual arts, or


g) Elective Course: 1 year

(includes any subjects a-f above and selected

college prep elective courses

SAT I or ACT required

Other requirements include:

·         Graduation from high school

·         An eligibility index that places applicants

among the top one-third of California's public high school graduates.


GPA                       SAT                        ACT

Above 3.0              qualifies with any score

2.80                         660                          14

2.60                         820                          18

2.40                         980                          22

2.20                         1140                        26

2.0                           1300                        30