Admissions Checklist

Step One: Parent/Guardian Application Form

Complete the application.

Include application fee of $75. ($150 for international students)

Attach color photo. (2x2)

 Step Two: Teacher Recommendations

Choose two current/recent academic teachers to fill out the recommendation forms.

Print teacher and applicant’s name on the recommendation.

Give forms to applicant’s teachers with pre-addressed stamped envelopes.

Step Three: Personal Reference (Optional)

Choose someone who knows your child to fill out the personal reference. We suggest a neighbor, family friend or non-academic teacher.

Print applicant’s name on the personal reference form.

Give form to person of your choice with a preaddressed stamped envelope.

 Step Four: Transcript Release

Give the Authorization Transcript Release Form to an official at your child’s school with a pre-addressed stamped envelope.

Include transcripts from the current year and the two previous years.

Step Five: Immunization Records

 Copy of student's immunization records.